Monday, August 23, 2010

VVBC 2010

On Sunday August 15Th i went to camp and there was a lot of things that went wrong. The first most exciting was that god sent me to the hospital. I got to ride in the ambulance and got to go in the new part of the hospital. Next Was that i got to keep my neck brace and everyone singed it. The best thing was that i gave my life to god. I have always just said i was a christian but i was not and i did that so no one would hate me because i was not a christian. Now i get to really mean it when i say i am a christian. the next thing was the funniest thing ever. I sprained my wrist and bruised my hand with a high five. I didn't even know that was possible. That was really funny and we were laughing about it all week. I really enjoyed my week there and God showed me so much. Thanks to everyone who could make this possible.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Birthday

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes the other day. And an extra special thanks going out to my mom and grandma. Grandma painted me a picture of 2 polar bears and i really enjoyed that. It is hanging on the wall at moms right now. A thanks to my mom for taking her holidays and spending them with me. Thanks for all the gifts and time you have spent with me. I REALLY appreciate it.
I kinda enjoy spending time with some of my friends i don't get to see very often. On Friday Shelby, Dad, Alicia and me will be spending the weekend in a hotel for my birthday. The hotel has to have a pool and a waterside. It would also be cool if we could get a theme room for me and Alicia and then Shelby and dad could have the room attached to it. I want to take the WII and play all the new games we got with her because we now have 2 remotes and 2 nun chucks.